Toxic politics is a threat to our planet.
YOU can stop it.

Unite for bipartisan climate solutions


7-in-10 Americans Agree

It’s time to unite for bipartisan climate solutions

But toxic politics stops us.

Vested interests will spend $10 billion this year to pit red and blue Americans against each other. Divided in fear and hate, we can’t protect the planet or people we love.

In Support of

That is Why We Are


Common sense problem-solvers building a bridge between America’s right and left halves. Supporting 20 nonpartisan groups to create a Climate of Unity, save our planet, and reunite our nation.

Starting now, we make this promise as individuals: We will cast our votes and spend our dollars to support companies and candidates who are problem-solvers – not polarizers.

It's a Powerful Step

When just 1-in-20 take this step, we build a bridge that unites the buying and voting power of a 70% majority to overcome every challenge we face – climate change and more.

Why This Matters

Climate change matters because it affects PEOPLE.

Yes, the climate has changed before, but this time it’s different. This time human activities are polluting our environment, trapping greenhouse gases (GHGs) and warming our planet.

But we can change this with comprehensive clean energy solutions.

But how can it be record cold in some areas… Yet you say the climate is warming?

It’s true! We break a LOT of cold record temperatures every year.

In 2017 alone, we broke 10,000 cold temperature records across the U.S.

But you know what?

That same year, we broke WAY MORE hot temperature records. Over 35,000 of them, in fact!

Even more importantly, over the last 100 years, the earth has gotten warmer and warmer.

So yes, it can be record cold in one place, all while the planet is getting warmer and warmer over decades.

The carbon that we emit into the air when we do things like burn coal, gas & oil is the cause of global warming.

Carbon dioxide is a powerful heat trapping gas – and the more we produce, the more the earth warms.

That’s why we need to work together, from activists to energy companies, politicians to everyday Americans, to find comprehensive solutions to reducing carbon emissions and curbing climate change.

Don’t let politics get in the way of being good stewards of our land.

Why the military sees climate change change as a threat to our National Security

The military doesn’t see climate change as a political issue. They see it as a threat to our country.

America has at least 19 vital bases around the world that are affected by rising sea levels.

And as more and more people begin to migrate due to the affects of climate change, Americans have the responsibility of helping these refugees, and devastated areas become hotspots for terrorism.

The facts are in: Humans are causing climate change.

For the military, this is about our ability to keep our country safe.

The Truth Is: Conservatives Are Changing Their Mind About Climate Change

Conservatives have been LIED to for years to make the case against climate change stronger

All the science confirms that our planet is warming dangerously fast.

And carbon emissions from oil, coal & gas are the cause.

And if you think about it, it isn’t conservative to hold on to old technologies that are causing pollution and more violent weather.

It IS conservative to understand the risks involved with climate change, and do what we can to protect ourselves and our families against that. And there are very effective free market solutions available.

We can't do this without YOU

Every 20,000 consumers who pledge can move $100 million away from polarizers and toward brands and leaders who help unite us for problem-solving.

In This Together’s Climate of Unity campaign works to bring Democrats, Republicans, and independents working to put environmental protection and energy innovation policies first by empowering you, the individual voter and consumer, to reward bipartisan problem-solving.

You have the money. You have the vote. You have the power.

We can use our dollars and our votes to make solutions happen.

Learn more about our work

Our first battleground to elect problem-solvers over polarizers. Locally, we are beginning our campaign to build this coalition with 100,000 voters in Orange County.

How To Take Action

You can directly impact the success of this initiative by using your dollars and votes to support brands, politicians and policies that are backing common sense solutions with bipartisan support when it comes to environmental conservation.

1. Support brands who are the leaders in climate action – and encourage their competitors to do even more.

2. Vote for problem-solvers over polarizers – and create a compelling incentive for red and blue candidates to compete to offer pragmatic solutions that work – not dangerous partisan denials.

3. Spread this pledge across your social media channels.


We want to show companies and candidates that there is broad support for common sense environmental conservation from across the political spectrum.


Share this with 10 of your friends & sign the pledge, and we’ll be one step closer to getting more brands & politicians on board.